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Audio Book Recording, Editing and Production

Our audio book recording process reflects the gold standard of what can be achieved in audio. We start with great voice talent being directed in the finest tradition of the art. Production occurs in an acoustically perfect environment, offering the most intimate and expressive recording possible.

Next is our use of the finest, most expensive and exquisite microphones. Mic preamps, digital conversion, and processing are all above the state of the art.

The quality of our audio editing process provides tremendous clarity; it's a true art that when combined with other post production elements, such as mastering, takes the audio book to a world-class level.

If you're looking to achieve commercial success when you publish your book, no other level of quality will suffice.

Let our team of audio professionals and narrators handle the creation of audio versions of your titles. There is no better trained or equipped company with the artistic sense and respect for your books as DAVEbooks.

Simply Choose a Narrator, submit your book, and get an all-inclusive price quote.

Recording, editing, mastering, scoring, QC, MP3 versions, and more...

If you are ready to start from scratch, our narration and recording process will give you the best possible product to publish. If you already have a recorded product, we can make it better. Our editing service will clean up your recording while our mastering will bring it up to industry standards. Our quality control (QC) is unmatched, as we proof-listen to the work multiple times. We can even provide custom music scoring and sound effects for books that require more pizzazz.