Celebrity Voices - Impersonator - Characters - Impersonation

Often used in radio ads, or in other ventures that require a humorus touch, celebrity voices are a great vehicle for communicating your message.

Check out the sample below to hear some of the many celebrity voices we can record for you from your script.

Celebrity Voice Mash up:

The above sample is just a small sample of the quality and scope of what we can provide.

Use our Contact Us link to get pricing and discuss the project parameters. Let your imagination run wild, let us handle the execution.

We have a voice impersontaor for you. Here are some of the voice impressions and characters we can record:

Sean Connery
Peter Faulk
Jackie Mason
Woody Allen
Rodney Dangerfield
Family Guy
James Earl Jones
Geoffrey Holder
Christopher Lee
Austin Powers
Dr. Evil
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sylvester Stalone
Jack Nicholson
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
Patrick Stewart
Christopher Walken
George Bush
Master Yoda
Star Trek: Kirk, Picard, Worf
Jimmy Stewart
Yogi Bear
Boris Karloff
Egyptian Pharoah Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria)
Tony Soprano
Morgan Freeman,
Robert Deniro
Forest Gump
Fred Flinstone