Quality Control (aka QC)

If you've had your book recorded, edited, and made ready for publishing, there is one key step before it is sent out to the distribution channels: Quality Control.

QC - Quality Control is the final production step to ensure that there are no errors in your audio book. At DAVEbooks, every detail and nuance is examined by way of proof reading and proof listening in order to make sure, quite frankly, you are not embarrassed by the many problems which are easily overlooked.

These include:

Text accuracy
Disk integrity
Sonic Compatibility

Top book publishers know that Audio Book Quality Control is key. QC services by DAVEbooks are priced by total run time. Our proprietary methods utilize our experience to ensure, absolutely, that your book will hit the professional mark.

Use the Contact Us link to send a disk set and manuscript to use for qc.

We are serious about the quality of your audio books.