Recording Your Own Audio Book

We offer the best way to have your book recorded using our beautiful voices, our talented directors, and our outstanding recording environment and gear.

However, we also help authors to record thier own books. Use the Contact Us page to tell us about your book and we'll respond with information on how we can help you record your own book. We can also provide for you to come to our area (near Philadelphia, PA) to be recorded by one of our professional directors in a great environment.

Audio Books That Are Already Recorded

There are times that authors come to us after they have already recorded their own book.

Most times, the recording quality isn't ready for market, having been recorded in a music studio or the author's home. However, there are times when we can take an audio book recording and apply to it all of the magic that we have to offer: Music, Editing, Mastering and Quality Control (QC).

The only way to know is for us to be sent a sample of the audio. This is easy to do. Use the Contact us page to let us know about your book, and we'll advise you on the best way for it to be send to us for review.

Your audio book will be reviewed and if it can be worked with, you will be sent a sample of what your book can sound like as processed by us.

If you have not yet recorded your book, then the best possible scenario for your book will be for us to record and edit your book.

Start by Choosing a Narrator, answering some questions, so we can provide you with a quote.

At DAVEbooks, we always place the highest priority on helping to create audio books that comply with our Gold Standard philosophy. We believe in you and your book. It's worth it.