Audio Book Recording

There are important values that go into the recording and production of a great audio book.

The recording of the audio book narrator is typically the first consideration. Does the reader have a voice that is heavy, light, soft, loud, high or low? Male or female? Younger or older? All DAVEbooks narrators are those with Golden Voices.

If you are ready to have your audio book recorded, simply Choose a Narrator, answer some questions and you'll be on your way.

recording the spoken wordThe audio book recording equipment is important. Would you buy a microphone that costs as much as an inexpensive car? We have. Bloggers get it wrong because they don't know what to listen for. Cheap mics sound dreadful. Certain expensive mics sound divine. If you are seeking commercial success, and are paying for the recording of your audio book, you want to know that your book is being recorded the right way with all the right tools.

Our audio book recording studios are acoustically perfect. So by placing your book with us, you can be assured that your book is being recorded cleanly, using equipment that is beyond state of the art, read by golden voiced readers, and directed in the greatest tradition of the art.

If you are seeking commercial publishing success with your book, this kind of investment is the first step towards ensuring your audio book will hold its own with the best audio books in the world, and stand far above the crowd of fledgling newcomers whose focus is austerity, instead of great art.

Choose a Narrator to get started.